A Letter from Father John

Sadly, after many years of service and excellent committee support, it has come time for the CommStrength Foundation to call it a day.  

It has truly been a humbling task to serve the community with such splendid support;  to find in our midst the many who want to be able to assist and to help our people in their time of need. Indeed it has been an honour to have had the privilege to be able to be open to the needs of so many in their struggle and anxiety, to simply be there for them.

The CommStrength committee, through their deep commitment and dedicated work, has been the driving force to make the Foundation function. Many thanks to each one. CommStrength began its life in 1994. The name was chosen to make clear that it is strength and common community that is needed to combat the community lack.

Since the Foundation’s inception we have made many friends. It has been both fun and a challenging journey, sometimes over difficult country; a gift to us all.

Father John