CommStrength Announcement

18th April 2021

Dear CommStrength supporter,

As you have been a valued supporter of CommStrength, I would like to inform you of a very important development.  With Father John’s support, the Committee members voted unanimously on 8th April 2021, to begin the formal process of winding up the Foundation’s operations. Both the Committee and Father John feel the time has come.

The mainstay of the CommStrength Foundation for the past 25 years has been Father John and the charity’s purpose has been to provide the funds to enable him to carry out his vital counselling role that has saved lives and helped countless people in our community. Unfortunately, Father John is not in a position to continue his work to the same extent as he did previously, due in part to our current environment. Also, he says he is “slowing down” and not able to get out and about as much as he once did. In light of the limitations to the amount of work he is able to do, Father John’s expenses are relatively minimal and so he feels that the level of funding provided by the charity in the past is no longer essential.

Despite the limitations, Father John is determined to continue to help his existing vulnerable clients as much and for as long as he is able. He is fit, healthy, happily settled in Dungog and he has the support of many friends in the local community. In addition, although the formal operations of CommStrength are to discontinue, individual members of the committee will continue to be supportive of him and his work.

On behalf of Father John and the CommStrength Committee, I thank you sincerely for your support over the past 25+ years. Without sponsors such as yourself, Father John’s work would not have been sustainable and many, many young people would have lacked the vital care they needed. Undoubtably, you will continue to offer assistance to other causes that care for the vulnerable members of our community. The CommStrength website has details of other wonderful organisations that would welcome your financial support in the future.


Yours Sincerely,

CommStrength Foundation President

Debbie Laarkamp

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